Shared Management is a partnership between you and Crosslinks Inc that will give you and your family more autonomy over how you choose to use your funding. Shared Management is about self-direction and decision making as to when, how and where you would like your support.

Why choose Shared Management?

You might use the option of Shared Management to give you the opportunity of having more control over how your funding is used rather than having it fully managed by an organisation “Putting you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your life, your way”

What options are available?

You might like the option of:

  • Employing your own Support Workers (these may be local community members or neighbours who you know well and trust) where you take on the responsibility as an employer.
  • Share the responsibilities with Crosslinks Inc – such as hiring and managing your own Support Workers and acquitting your funding through an Invoice arrangement with Crosslinks Inc, where Crosslinks are taking on the processing of time sheets, leave, super etc.
  • Designing and implementing your own support service and let Crosslinks Inc take care of the paper work.

What are the next steps?

Call us on (08) 9374 1600 and speak to one of our friendly team members or, fill in the form on our contact page and well will call you.