Kathryn’s Story

Finding my Home

My name is Stuart Bain and I am Kathryn’s Dad. Kathryn will be turning 42 in November this year (2017). Kathryn’s Mum (my wife) passed away nine years ago, during the final months of her illness good family friends provided support to Kathryn. As they were an elderly couple this support could not be sustained so Kathryn came back home to be cared for by me.
At this time I took 12 months leave from work to care for Kathryn, but as time progressed I realised I needed to start looking at full time supported accommodation where she could have the support and opportunities she required for a good life.

Looking for supported accommodation for Kathryn was not an easy task. I was taken out to see many homes with most of them being old and small and places I could not see my daughter living in. It was important to me how a house looked and how it felt and very important on my list was what the garden was like and if it was looked after. I also wanted a house that had windows with a nice outlook. A number of the addresses I was asked to look at I actually drove by the houses and turned around as the gardens were so badly looked after. I was about to give up when someone asked if I had spoken to Crosslinks Inc. I rang and was told a purpose designed house was being built in Ashfield and I could have a look at the plans. This was it, this was the house that Kathryn deserved to live in. The set out and design would give all who shared in it the personal space they needed as well as areas where they could come together. Kathryn would have a lovely roomy bedroom and most importantly the gardens were going to be well designed and well maintained.

To commence the transition process for Kathryn, Crosslinks Inc. provided the opportunity for Kathryn to have a trial stay in a house in Ellenbrook.
This house had the Support Workers who would be moving into the new house in Ashfield so a wonderful opportunity for them to get to know Kathryn and her to get to know them. This trial went very well and the new house was completed and fitted out with all new furnishings ready for its new occupants.

On the 15th of May 2012 Kathryn moved into her new home. Kathryn is now in her fifth year sharing with three other young women. I am invited to drop in at any time and am always warmly received. I can also volunteer to assist with the garden when time permits.

The Crosslinks Inc. Support Workers are very good and are observant to Kathryn’s needs. They act as advocates for her best interests. Last year the staff were very proactive with her Doctor regarding her medication not being suitable and advocated for a change. This change in medication has enabled Kathryn to get so much more enjoyment out of life, she is interested in things, offers to do chores in the house, and can make me a cup of coffee when I drop in for a visit, she is more social and has less anxiety than in the past.

Just recently I took Kathryn on a flight to Adelaide where we caught up with her Mums family and her interest and observations were amazing. She also looked after her personal needs and even put her hair in a bun. This was in stark contrast to the previous trip where she needed full support with everything and was terrified of flying. This trip to Adelaide to catch up with Aunts and extended family was a very positive experience and Kathryn pointed out things and places that she had not seen for many years.

The Crosslinks Inc. Support Workers also read to Kathryn at night and on occasions they have called me so I can hear Kathryn singing. This is all very special and I feel she is being well looked after and her individual needs cared for.

I am so pleased with the care provided to Kathryn and am very happy with the communication I have with the House and with Crosslinks Inc. Management. I am confident knowing if I had any queries or questions they will be followed up very quickly.

– Stuart Bain (Kathryn’s Dad)