RAP Social Club


RAP Social Club


RAP is a community Social Club run by Crosslinks Inc. to provide respite to families who have an adult family member with an intellectual disability and living at home.

RAP provides support to individuals living in the Midland/Hills area over three days /evenings per fortnight. All activities are generated through group discussion and choice.

Pool Local Pub Movies


Q. When does the RAP Social Club operate?

A. The program operates every fortnight.

Friday evenings: 5pm to 10pm
Saturday mornings:
9am to 2pm
Saturday evenings:
5pm to 10pm


Q. How are RAP Social Club participants supported?

A. Participants are supported on a 1-4 Support Worker to participant ratio so must fall within these support requirements in regard to their needs. All RAP participants are picked up and returned home by Crosslinks Support Workers, unless alternate arrangements have been made with the Team Leader in the week prior to the activity.


Q. Are there available places in the RAP Social Club?

A. Places in the club are reliant on availability at the time of application – so please call the Area Supervisor or Team Leader on 9374 1600, who will give you up to date information.


Q. Are there costs associated with the RAP Social Club?

A. Yes, like any club there are costs involved. There is a charge of $5.00 to cover the cost of all travel expenses. The average cost of each of the Social Club outings can be between $35.00 and $45.00 depending on the chosen activity. On some occasions the cost is minimal because the activity might be in the majority free.


Some of the RAP Social Club outings that have been attended in the past have been:

Karaoke Concerts Markets Festivals Shows Mini golf Bowling Movies Football Games Local Pub Pool Art Shows Table Tennis Alfred’s Kitchen A night at the trots The Royal Show Botanic Golf

The options are endless as there are new opportunities being discovered every year.


Meet our RAP Program Team

Area Supervisor: Chelle Weedon 

Team Leader: Zoe Mooney


If you would like to discuss how we might be able to assist you regarding the RAP Social Club program…

...please feel welcome to phone and speak to either Chelle Weedon or Zoe Mooney on (08) 9374 1600, or send Zoe an email with your enquiry to: reception@crosslinksinc.org.au and she will be happy to respond.