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Community Living - Accomodation

How would you like to live? Would you like your place of living to feel like a real home? Crosslinks Inc. currently support individuals in a number of beautifully situated modern homes as the accompanying photographs will show.

With Crosslinks Inc. you can choose from a variety of options to find what suits you and your particular preferences. Your choices may include things such as your social, emotional, recreational, physical and health requirements as well as your personal beliefs. As you can see, there is much that makes you who you are and to provide you with a fulfilling life.

Do you see yourself living and sharing with others or do you prefer your own company and your own space?

There are a number of living options to choose from with Crosslinks, each individualised towards what it is that you want.


Diedre  Kitchen


Some of the options are:

  • Living with others in a shared home
  • Living in your own home or unit with the support in place to maintain as much independence as you want to have
  • Co-resident sharing – having someone you can rely on for social support that you trust to share your home


Q. What are some of the advantages of a Community Living option with Crosslinks?

A. Choosing a Community Living option with Crosslinks can:

  • Build skills for life that include – shopping, cooking and taking care of your home.
  • Support you to live your life the way you want it to be, directing the support you want to have.
  • Support you to become involved in your local community that includes recreation and sporting clubs, encouraging the development of your social skills that might include sharing time with old school or work friends.


                                                      Meet our Community Living team



Manager David Dougherty (Centre)

With Area Supervisers Pauline Rayner & Alexei Porter


If you would like to discuss how we might be able to assist you regarding the Community Living program…

...please feel welcome to phone and speak to our program manager David Dougherty on (08) 9374 1600, or send David an email with your enquiry to: and he will be happy to respond.