As the integrated Football Coach for the High Wycombe Amateur Football Club I have gotten to know two young men by the names of Jamie and John.  I am confident through my observations that both of these young men have enjoyed the football season.  They appear to enjoy the games and in particular the social opportunities that it provides.  Jamie managed to kick a goal during the season and certainly celebrated in style.  Car-pooling is another necessity for the away games on a Saturday and this has proven to be a very positive experience for both of the guys as they get to spend time with other members of their team.  On an odd occasion I think they both see training as a bit more hum drum and they sometimes lose interest and focus.  However both are happy to help and carry equipment and happy to be with team mates.

This is I think, Jamie's third year at the club and John's first.  Both players can improve their skills but their enthusiasm is fantastic.

Jamie and John are a pleasure to have as part of our team and I hope they return next season.

— Brett Hockley, Integrated Football Coach, High Wycombe Amateur Football Club

My son James has been attending Crosslinks programs, including the RAP group for over 5 years straight from high school.
The choice for James to attend Crosslinks was easy with staff eager to help him develop more independence and life skills through activities that he enjoys. James' needs are always put first when ideas and strategies for new opportunities are being looked at.
I have watched James grow into a more confident, outgoing young man over the years.
James looks forward to socializing with friends he has made in the RAP Community Social Club. He enjoys being able to chat to his sisters and compare where they have been. It’s something they have in common.
James is a valued member of his community with his contribution as a volunteer at the Kalamunda History Village where he is supported by Crosslinks to be part of a team of volunteers.
If I have an issue concerning James and his needs I can ring and somebody will help find a solution
or just simply listen.
I know James is happy, safe and developing important life skills when he is with Crosslinks. 

— Cherylynn Hunt

It has been another great year for Matt. He has made noticeable progress in a number of areas, and has had a lot of fun along the way. It has been especially heartening to see his growing abilities with social interactions and simple friendships as Matt has a long history of great difficulty with those issues. 


To top it all off he is now the proud owner and user of a chair he painted when he attended the Mundaring Arts Centre Street Art Project. He loves the chair and uses it when he watches the television or reads one of his books. He calls it his "story and watching chair". It was Crosslinks' suggestion and support that provided Matt with the opportunity to participate in this project.


The Crosslinks Community Inclusion and RAP staff can take a bow. It is due to their efforts and skills that Matt is doing so well. 


It’s also been a year of change with Matt's funding moving from State (Disability Services Commission) funding to the new Commonwealth funded NDIS ( National Disability Insurance Scheme) which is administered through the local NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) Hills Pilot.  Thanks to the considerable support and expertise provided by Crosslinks, in particular Erin Shaw (AKA as Ernie, thanks to Matt's idiosyncratic habit of giving some people nicknames) and Denise Michelsen, we have had a very successful outcome for Matt in relation to his funding for this coming year. There will be increased opportunities for him that relate to his future directions and development.


So, thanks very much Crosslinks, another fantastic year of support for Matt. We look forward to more opportunities to partner with Crosslinks so that Matt can continue to learn, develop and enjoy his life.



Vicki and Chris Caudwell, September 2015


Our son Matt commenced with the Crosslinks Community Inclusion program in July this year. Currently he enjoys dancing on Mondays and going out with his new friends on Wednesday to various community activities. These include lawn bowls, visits to Lansdale farm, bush walks and picnics. Crosslinks, in particular Coordinator - Erin Shaw, used a systematic and effective system for learning about Matt and then passing on this information to the people who would be supporting him on his community excursions. The system for sharing information about his communication skills and the best way to support him to make decisions and engage in everyday socialising has been very effective. He is comfortable with the Support Workers and others that he goes out with and looks forward to his Crosslinks days.

More importantly we were delighted to hear some of the Support Workers tell us about some of their experiences with Matt and how they explained his decision making style to others. They clearly understood him well and how to work with him. As Matt needs time, often quite a few minutes to process suggestions and make decisions, and does not deal well with sudden change, we were very pleased to hear that he is given the time he needs in these situations.

So, a big thank you from us to Marina, Erin, Marcia, Aimee and Robyn. We look forward to working with the Crosslinks crew to broaden Matt's experiences and skills, to increase his independence and to maintain his enjoyment in life.

Vicki Caudwell, 4th September 2014

Hi David


I thought I would send you an email and tell you that today is 17 years since I had surgery for my epilepsy. I was in Royal Perth the week before the surgery having monitoring to see where the seizures were coming from and then on the 24th August 1997 I was transferred to Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital to have the operation and it was the best thing I ever did. It has changed my life because I would not be living on my own or driving a car.

Thank you for the new program it has some good things on it and nice to see your name as a contact!!

Thank you I am so happy to be with Crosslinks it is the best company out and has the best support workers out and the best coordinators!! Thanks for having the best RAP program out and now I have a decent coordinator that I can talk to when I need to!!

— Narelle

Good morning Denise


I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with some feedback from my perspective of what I witnessed on Sat night at the Pig and Whistle pub in Stratton.

From your website it looks like it may have been the RAP Recreational Respite group. From my perspective, the guys that were there had an amazing time, they danced, sang and most importantly were helped integrate into their local community, which is an essential component of the program.

The staff certainly played their part in making the night a huge success and I did manage to have a chat with a couple of them during the night. The staff certainly did your organisation proud, they let the guys be themselves while stepping in when needed to assist. They all had smiles on their faces and at no time did I see the old ‘just have to be here, it’s my job’ type of attitude.

I think most importantly the guys felt a part of their community and that is something that we all strive for in our industry. Hence my email, more often than not we receive the bad news emails, so I thought I would pass on some good news

Well done to your team

Have a great day, thanks

— Tony Chorley, Community member

Hi Simon,

Thank you very much for the photographs. It was a pleasure to show Jamie around our facilities and I hope he enjoyed his time with us. If we can assist with similar situations in the future please contact me and we will be happy to do the best we can. If it is alright, we would like to publish some of the photos in our monthly newsletter as there was a number of staff who approached me after Jamie’s visit and were very interested how it all went. Once again it is our privilege to have been a part of Jamie’s day.

— Glen, Maroomba Airlines, Domestic airport Perth, March 2014

Hi Marina

We’ve been very pleased with how Matt’s first few weeks have gone, and we now have a few questions about the next steps.

As mentioned, we’ve been very pleased with the way Matt has settled in. The staff have been terrific with him and he really seems to enjoy the time spent with them. He’s taken to getting up early and getting his bag of supplies prepared well in advance!

— Family member