Board Of Directors


Vicki Caudwell

Chair of the Board

I joined the Board of Crosslinks as an honorary member in January 2015 with full member at the AGM in the same year. I then took on the position of Chair from 23rd February 2016 a position I currently hold.

As I have now retired I have the opportunity and time to participate fully on the Board. It is an opportunity for me to continue to learn from others and enjoy participating in Crosslinks development and future.

I have experience in policy development, managing risks at the organisational level, service evaluations and strategic planning. I also use a problem solving and multiple perspectives approach to decision making and developing new ideas and strategies, which means I value and respect the contributions and views of others.

I also bring a strong commitment to the future development of Crosslinks and want to help it maintain the great service philosophies and standards it has established for its participants over the past twenty years.

As a parent of a child who has a disability, I will bring that perspective and our family’s experiences and learnings to all the contributions I hope to make to Crosslinks.

In my previous life I worked for over 30 years in the public service in various roles including clinical psychologist, accommodation services manager, policy developer, service developer, evaluator, planner and executive director. I also worked across a number of State Government departments with a variety of client groups including people with disability (intellectual, physical and mental illness), offenders and children in need of care and protection.

I have a lifetime commitment to helping and enabling people in situations of disadvantage to live happy and fulfilling lives. I also have a 23 year old son Matthew who is a participant in Crosslinks activities. For both these reasons I want to support Crosslinks to continue to be an ethical, effective and accountable service. Matthew has fun and learns so much on his Crosslinks outings and I want this to continue.


Alex Watt

Board Treasurer

Since 1995 which was before the name Crosslinks was adopted, I have been part of the enmeshed fabric of Crosslinks.  From a meagre budget of $189,000 and 30 participants with a premises at 24 Central Road in Kalamunda, Crosslinks opened its doors in May 1996 and was formally launched on 8 October 1996.   If not for committed board members and in particular foundation members Doug Carpenter AM (dec), Norma Josephs, Jan Whittome and Paul Rajan I don’t think we would have seen Crosslinks advance as it has  over the last 20 years.  With Denise Michelsen commencing in 1997 I have witnessed the Crosslinks journey and how it has benefitted from committed, dedicated and caring leadership.

My current involvement is as Treasurer and in the past have held other roles including as Chair. Like many other board members both current and past, at one time I was an employee of the Disability Services Commission. Since then I have worked in various roles for the State Government. My current position is as Director Business Management with the Department of Sport and Recreation and I am a fellow of the Australian Society of CPA’s.   I have remained on the Board of Crosslinks because I still feel that I can make a difference by offering guidance, opinion and support to address and meet the challenges that now occur because of the fundamental change in the sector through the NDIS.

KirkKirk Kitchin

Member of the Board

I am new to the Board of Crosslinks.  I started as an honorary board member in March 2015 and a fully-fledged board member at the November 2015 AGM.  A former work colleague working with Crosslinks thought my skillset would be of use to the Board and suggested I go to a meeting to see what it was all about.  Unlike most of the Board members I have no background in the disability sector so bring a different view to the Board.  I do have eighteen years in local government and not-for profit organisation management, specifically in the recreation industry with a Bachelor of Social Science from Edith Cowan University.

I welcome the opportunity to use my broad range of skills and experience to assist Crosslinks remain sustainable and to continue to achieve its Vision.  Whilst this will be challenge in these changing times with the NDIS it is also an exciting time to be involved in this sector.  My experience so far with Crosslinks has given me a deep appreciation of how our wonderful staff seek to improve the quality of life of our participants and their families and I am proud to be part of this lovely organisation.

In my other life I work full time at the Shire of Mundaring and I am married with 9 and 4 year old sons and 7 and 2 year old daughters.

WendyWendy Stone

Member of the Board

This is my second term on the Board of Crosslinks after being voted in as a member in 2013.  In 2014 I became Chair of the Board but I then handed this honour over to Vicki Caudwell in 2016 as my new employment would have meant a conflict of interest.

I felt honoured to have had the role of Chairperson if only for a short time. The Board is a group of wonderful people who possess a range of diverse skills and backgrounds and give their time voluntarily. All members have the same commitment to support Crosslinks as we continue to be a leader in assisting people of all abilities achieve and realise their potential. Our Board are focused on ensuring that all participants’ needs are met via appropriate and updated processes and policies that support ‘Your Life, Your Way’.

The implementation of the NDIS, enables Crosslinks to continue to do what they do best, and that is to provide individualised programs for people of all abilities.

The personalisation that Crosslinks brings to all their participants is what I feel sets us apart from other service providers. I am committed and honoured to be part of such an organisation, and look forward as a Board member to the challenges it brings.

Crosslinks has been a part of my life for over 13 years, as I have a family member who is a participant and during this time I have seen Crosslinks grow and develop.

Around my full time work I try to find time for my hobbies and other involvements such as hockey, cricket, and motorcycles, and I love cooking and spending time with my wonderful family. I am very proud to see my three grown sons keen to be involved with Crosslinks in a voluntary capacity whenever there is an opportunity.

RosieRosie Davis

Member of the Board

I am new to the Crosslinks Inc. Board although I have a previous working relationship with the organisation of over 4 years. I am honoured to be invited to be part of a team that is so passionate about its core values and vision for the organisation and community.
I am originally from the UK and am a qualified accountant and Registered Company Auditor at MGI Parkinson. Through my experience in Australia over the past 5 years, I have developed a passion for working with Not-for-profit organisations. I hope to bring my knowledge and experience to the benefit of Crosslinks Inc. especially within the current changes involving the NDIS and the real challenges it brings.
The Staff and Board members are a wonderful group of people who have been so welcoming to me and I look forward to working with them.
My outside interests include playing softball; all things ‘crafty’, including painting and drawing and making clothes for all my little nieces and nephews; as well as spending time with my husband at the beach or exploring all the cafes and restaurants Perth has to offer.

ChristineChristine Grace

Member of the Board

My association with Crosslinks started when I was initially employed as a Program Facilitator in or around 2001. I left that role in mid-2004 after becoming the primary Carer for my niece who has an intellectual disability. After a number of years trying to find suitable support for my niece, I approached Crosslinks CEO Denise Michelsen and asking if she would consider accepting my niece as a participant in a Community Living (Accommodation) home, as I knew that the services offered would be consistent with the care I provided at home.  I then joined the Crosslinks Board in about 2008/2009 and after a number of years as the Board Chair I am now happy to remain as an active member.

My working background in Community Services includes Disability Advocacy at a Community Legal Service, Inclusion Support Programs, (supporting childcare staff to provide inclusive programs for children with disabilities), Intensive Case Management for adults with mental illness. Currently I am working across two areas, Family and Domestic Violence Outreach and Disability Advocacy for people from a CALD background in the South Metropolitan Region. I have a keen interest in Social Justice and Equity issues and supporting people to make positive changes to their circumstances.

I am passionate about providing an inclusive community for people with disabilities and am encouraged by the calibre of service provision provided by Crosslinks. For this reason I am happy to be a Board member actively participating in the development and future direction of Crosslinks.

MargoMargo McAdam

Member of the Board

I’ve had a connection with Crosslinks on many levels for the past 20 years. Initially as a parent who’s amazing son Matthew has been a recipient of services with Crosslinks for 19 of his 40 years. During this period I also took up an employment opportunity in Crosslinks Administration giving me insight as to how the organisation works and meets its Values.

As a member of the Board for many years now I have witnessed the positive change that has taken place.   Not only with the structure and quality of the Board, but with the most recent changes to the NDIS, that has been a catalyst for moving on and meeting the outcomes of our Strategic Plan and the total restructure of the organisation.

This year I have also had the pleasure of being a member of the 20th Anniversary events committee and this has brought me into contact with a variety of staff members, volunteers and the broader community. I can see more and more that Crosslinks is being well recognised as a professional and quality organisation.

I also facilitate a parent networking group called the Hills Peer to Peer Network and this is a passion that I cherish. I believe in the connectedness between parents who share information and skills that are valued by others. I feel that by striving to make a better life for Matthew I am also using this platform to enhance and make better the opportunities for participants at Crosslinks.

On a personal level I share my life with my wonderful husband Austin, who is a great support to me and to our son Matthew. We also spread ourselves between our other grown up children and four grandchildren and when there is some time left for me I like to garden, bike ride and catch up with friends.

Kaye Donec

Member of the Board

I have been associated with Crosslinks since its inception when my son joined as a participant after leaving school. I have been a member of the Board for many years. I have watched Crosslinks grow and evolve into an important provider of services for people with disability in our region.  It has been a privilege to be part of an organisation that has always ensured that its key objective to provide a quality service for people with disability is being met. Crosslinks faces each challenge and change with innovation and professionalism while maintaining its focus on the needs of the individuals they support.

I am a physiotherapist and have worked in the disability sector for more than 30 years. My interests are my family, reading and gardening, with a love of Australian native plants.

DeniseDenise Michelsen

Chief Executive Officer

I commenced working in the disability sector in 1977 for the Disability Services Commission.  Over the following 20 years I fulfilled many different roles with varying responsibilities. I now find it hard to think back to a time when I was not involved in the disability sector.

In August 1997 I took up the position of CEO for Crosslinks Inc. and I am honoured to continue in this role at the current time.

For me, it is a privilege to witness the personal growth of the individuals we support as they gain the confidence and skills to fulfil their dreams and access activities of choice within their community.   A key focus for the future is to continue the great work being delivered now while working towards an improved person centred and individualised service that is not dictated by group size but by individual choice.

I am looking forward to continuing what I call my ‘journey of a lifetime’ leading Crosslinks  into the changing environment of 2017 and how we can continue providing better services and support to people with disAbility.